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In 2016 Cambria County in Pennsylvania began working jointly with the Department of Defense on a project designed to spur economic development through the engagement of companies, individual entrepreneurs, and regional talent that was created by years of top notch government contracting. 

One of the outcomes of this collaboration is known as the Bridge to Pittsburgh, where a rural community with four colleges and universities graduating thousands of students join forces with local businesses, entrepreneurs and top tier talent that worked on some of the nations largest defense contracts.  This collaborative effort creates economic opportunities with significant value for companies in the Pittsburgh region.

Leading this initiative is Tyler Trimbath and Mike Artim, two Cambria County residents, businessmen, and entrepreneurs who are combining their skills, knowledge, resources, and network with their love for the region to work directly with companies seeking to initiate, expand, or relocate to Cambria County; or to open doors to partnerships and opportunities with one of the many talented and innovative companies that exist in our region.

If you want to learn more about everything Cambria County can offer your business, complete the contact form or contact Tyler and Mike respectively at or


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